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Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • Get to know our services, team and facility

  • Sign up and pay for Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Schedule appointments

Step 2: Comprehensive Evaluation

Part A: Physician discussion and Labs

  • Physician discussion of history and goals

  • Blood draw and laboratory testing

Part B: Lifestyle Baseline

  • Fitness assessment

  • Nutrition assessment

  • Sleep and stress assessment

  • DEXA scan for body composition analysis

  • VO2 cardiovascular and metabolic testing

Part C: Review Results and Recommendations

After appointments are completed and blood laboratory test results are back:

  • Review results and discuss recommendations

Step 3: Professional Services
Select one of three options:

  • Membership: Physician and Specialists

  • Membership: Specialists only

  • Ad hoc professional services at hourly rate

Step 4: Additional Services
Frequency and schedule for:

  • Hormones, supplements and lab testing

  • Age/Longevity Testing

  • DEXA scanning

  • VO2 testing

  • Follow-on Comprehensive Evaluations


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