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GenAge Center

For Longevity and Hormone Medicine

A new medical practice specializing

in the health & wellness of busy professionals, menopausal women, and avid athletes

Now Open!

Call us at (616) 737-1710 or click the link below to schedule an appointment.

Executive Vitality

Business owners, executives, and other busy professionals desiring greater energy, drive, focus, and mental clarity with less anxiety and indecision.

Menopausal Relief

Women seeking relief from common symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue, mood changes, brain fog, low metabolism, and weight gain.

Athletic Performance


Weekend warriors and competitive athletes wanting support for faster times, greater strength & stamina, and smoother recovery.

Dr. Thomas Basch - GenAge Center
GenAge Physician & Medical Director
Dr. Tom Basch


Dr. Tom Basch is a board-certified anesthesiologist, experienced aesthetics & hormone medicine specialist, and dedicated athlete. He is renowned for going above and beyond to provide exceptional care to his patients and colleagues.

GenAge Center - Michigan
Named by Grand Rapids Magazine as a “Top Doctor”
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