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How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Your Sexual Health

The hormonal changes of menopause and andropause can wreak havoc on sexual intimacy. Both women and men can find themselves frustrated, discouraged, and even embarrassed. Sex, or lack of it, becomes the proverbial elephant in the room. Slowly but surely, intimacy evaporates from the relationship.  Any discussion about the situation becomes so uncomfortable that it is eventually avoided entirely.  Such a shame! 


Hormonal decline can affect the level of interest in sex, the ability to achieve orgasm, the ability of a man to maintain an erection or for women to lubricate adequately. Hormonal decline can lead to pelvic connective tissue weakening, which in turn makes intercourse painful. The clitoris can atrophy when testosterone is too low for too long, much to the detriment of the experience. More insidiously, hormonal decline can lead to gradual weight gain and deconditioning, in turn detracting from our physical appearance and leaving us self-conscious about how we appear to a partner. And, let’s not forget that medications prescribed for everything from blood pressure to depression can take their toll on sexual performance, too.  


A significant percentage of younger men and women also struggle, with everything from premature ejaculation to inability to experience orgasm to PTSD affecting their sex lives. Statistics show that the majority of these younger folks do not “outgrow “these struggles. They persist, and marriage and parenthood tend to amplify them.  


GenAge is here to help you recapture and restore a vibrant sex life. Often, several issues compound to create a seemingly impossible situation. Take heart; sexual health and wellness go hand in hand with bioidentical hormone therapy, nutrition and fitness, and the healthy life habits we practice at GenAge.  


A discussion between you and your GenAge physician about sexual decline would be a great start. Please be assured that you are not alone. Well over half of men and women in middle age and beyond have had or will experience significant sexual health issues with their spouses or long-term partners. Fortunately, the vast majority can be effectively treated with a skillful, compassionate multi-disciplinary approach. Please contact us if you feel GenAge may be right for you. 

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