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Know What to Expect: How Bioidentical Hormones are Administered

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is growing. The internet has provided the public with unprecedented access to research studies, journal articles, physician opinion pieces, medical school lecture summaries, and even videos of actual procedures. Chat rooms dedicated to BHRT and individual patient experiences offer real-life, real-time perspectives on this unique approach to living with levels of health, vitality, and vigor that defy chronological age.

The bioidentical hormones themselves are built by compounding pharmacists. No big drug manufacturers are involved. Some of these compounding pharmacies are large companies located out of state. Others are local operations. Rest assured, GenAge works only with the highest quality BHRT producers. Your GenAge physician, with their extensive knowledge and experience, personally knows the pharmacists who compound your hormones. They’ve earned his/her trust, and you can trust them too.

GenAge uses 3 BHRT products: topical creams, oral troches, and implantable pellets. Each form has its particular advantages for each specific patient. Convenience and cost play their roles, of course, but our highest goal is to provide a consistent and predictable hormone concentration in your bloodstream. To this end, we use blood tests combined with an individual’s response to treatment to make our recommendations.


GenAge prides itself on customizing treatment to your unique needs as well as providing as much support as is necessary to produce a successful outcome. We are dedicated to helping you make the most of the effort you are putting into living with maximal vibrancy. We want you to feel and look great. Please explore everything we offer and challenge us to use BHRT as creatively and effectively as possible.


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