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Top Five Reasons to Boost Testosterone

Menopause (and its male equivalent, andropause) involves a permanent decline in the body’s production of critical hormones, testosterone perhaps the most important one of them all. As levels fall, people gain a new appreciation for everything testosterone does. Until levels are brought back to optimal levels, people won’t know just how good they can feel in their middle years and beyond. Do any of these signs and symptoms sound familiar to you?

  1. Brain fog

  2. Fatigue

  3. Muscle loss

  4. Fat gain

  5. Decreased sex drive

Bioidentical testosterone therapy can play a major role in safely and effectively addressing them IF its levels are truly optimized as part of a multifaceted strategy. Remember, being within “normal range” does not mean that hormone levels are optimized, particularly nowadays when testosterone levels in North America have steadily decreased over the past 50 years. At GenAge, we use lab values as points of reference, but the real measure of success is how well your brain fog, fatigue, muscle loss, fat gain, and decreased sex drive have responded. An optimal free testosterone level, combined with our fitness and nutrition approaches, can dramatically change how you feel, look, and perform.

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