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Special Invitation to Healthcare Professionals

GenAge Center is inviting select physicians, nurse practitioners, personal trainers, physical therapists, and

other healthcare professionals in West Michigan to preview our comprehensive, personalized

longevity & performance services as part of a special Pro Preview.

When the first GenAge Center for Longevity & Hormone Medicine opens this Spring, it will offer hormones & supplements, fitness & nutrition, and sleep & stress management in one location, with on-site DEXA and VO2 max testing to analyze body composition & cardiovascular health. Its care team will include board-certified physicians, and also specialists in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle within a membership model.

For a limited time, GenAge is inviting up to 100 healthcare professionals in West Michigan to experience its offering--physician-directed health and wellness for busy professionals, menopausal women, and avid athletes--in a special, reduced-price 6-month program.


Express your interest by calling 616.737.1710 or by emailing

Thanks for your responses! The Pro Preview has ended. Please check back for updates.

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