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Sustainable Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

GenAge Center provides weight loss services that help clients achieve the physique they desire, even if they have been struggling with weight for years. Our approach to sustainable weight loss has three main components: medical consultation, biometric data and lifestyle analysis, and personalized, actionable recommendations. We focus on body composition – not just weight – because optimizing muscle mass is just as important as losing fat.

What to Expect

When you visit GenAge Center for help with sustainable weight loss, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Metabolic assessment – We use Horizon® DEXA and VO2 Master™ to establish your body composition and resting metabolic rate. DEXA tells us the amount of muscle and fat tissue that make up your body, and VO2 testing helps us understand how much energy you need to sustain your ideal body composition.

  2. Bloodwork – We test your hormones, vitamin levels, and other markers related to metabolic health. This information tells us whether we should consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or supplements. 

  3. Fitness and nutrition assessment – The GenAge Lifestyle 360 survey gives our physicians and specialists the information they need to understand how you live day to day. We then determine what habits and behaviors to modify to achieve your goals.

After your assessments, our team will design an individualized program for you. We will help you stay accountable, monitor your progress, and adjust your nutrition and exercise plans along the way. For some clients, medications or nutraceuticals will be considered.

Get Started with Weight Loss

At GenAge Center, our goal is to help each client achieve their weight loss and body composition goals.  
Contact us today to get started.

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